Intruder Systems from DACT provide 24/7 peace of mind

Modern wireless alarms are equally as reliable as wired systems but can be fitted easily without damaging the cosmetics of your home. Intruder systems are the most common form of property protection. Statistics show that over 90% of intruders would be put off simply by seeing the presence of an intruder system. Used appropriately and in conjunction with common sense, intruder systems go a long way to protecting your home but nowadays, it doesn’t only protect from intruders. Intruder systems can incorporate a number of elements, notifying you not only of intruders in your home but other dangers and damages. Motion detectors, door contacts and shock sensors warn of intruders in your property whereas flood,

smoke and carbon monoxide detectors warn of damage to your property and more importantly, risk to your life and the lives of your loved ones. Alarms through DACT can be set up not only to sound an alarm within the premises but also to contact you on your mobile anywhere in the world. Whether you’re leaving the kids alone in the house on date night or leaving the house unoccupied for a week while on holiday, you’ll instantly know if something is wrong giving you the chance to take immediate action. Systems can also notify the police or a manned security, the fire brigade and other family members.